Choose a Steel Hut Design + Order the Steel Arched Kit + Build

We’ve made it easy. Our plan sets are designed to integrate steel building kits from our preferred manufacturer.

mobile A Frame steel hut exterior

Choose Your Hut

Construction-ready plan sets are available for purchase through our website. Decide which Hut best fits your needs. Start with one, build in stages, or develop all at once.

Steel Hut Jackrabbit exterior

Order Materials

All Steel Hut designs have corresponding building kits available from our preferred manufacturer, SteelMaster Buildings. Review the associated materials costs below, order your Steel Hut plans, and then call SteelMaster Buildings to order your Steel Hut building kit.

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Build Your Hut

Start interviewing local contractors in your area who can help navigate the build process. Review the Q & A's below.


Q & A

Does Steel Hut manage the build for us?

Our construction ready plan sets give you all the details you'll need to start interviewing local builders in your area, they will know the best steps to hire reputable subs for each stage of construction. If you are an experienced Home-Owner Builder you will have everything you need to start estimating the project and sourcing subs. However if you are located in Central Oregon give us a call, as we do build in that area!

What comes included in a set of plans?

Preliminary Foundation Plan

Framing Plans

Floor Plans

Reflected Ceiling/Lighting Plan

Exterior Elevations

Typical Building Sections

Typical Exterior Details

Interior Details/Stair Details

Window and Door Schedule

Recommended Equipment and Fixture Schedules

Recommended Material Specifications

Structural Consultant Drawings

Steel Master Drawings

How do I order the steel building kit from SteelMaster?

How much does the finished building cost?

This is the most complicated and variable question in general when it comes to building any project. Costs vary not only regionally, but annually as well as from contractor to contractor. Steel Hut cannot estimate this total build cost for you. This estimation process will need to be a collaborative approach with your local builder, understanding that we have provided the cost of our architectural construction drawings as well as the corresponding building-kit cost from SteelMaster buildings.

Does the plan set include my building permits?

The permitting process is strictly a jurisdictional process done in your county or civic area. Most permitting processes require a site plan and final calculations from a regional engineer. This should be a fairly simple and inexpensive process, as our drawings have already engineered the structure's loads and SteelMaster will provide stamped building plans with your kit purchase. Additional cost/effort may incur should you intend to build on a site with considerable pitch or grade. This may require a more complicated foundation plan.