Quonset Hut History - Looking Back / Building Forward

old steel quonset hut
Quonset [Hut] is an indigenous name from the Algonquin first nation peoples meaning "long narrow space" given to the peninsula known as Quonset Point, Rhode Island. During the efforts of World War 2, the production of these modular structures, manufactured at Quonset Point, provided 170,000 Huts for barracks. Following the war they were subsequently sold to civilians and veterans for residential housing solutions.
old steel hut
The Hut has a place in American design history emphasized by a sense of functionality and stripped down utility. The structures can often be found as commercial or agricultural spaces, a voluminous and affordable space solution.
steel building
Yet there is an undeniable connection to the high concept mid-century modern design aesthetic. Somewhere between Buckminster Fuller and Eero Saarinen the sweeping arch lines of the Hut, and the lofted open concept spaces of the interiors, have an iconic and fully unique architectural style of their own.
The more recent advancements in manufacturing mean that the Hut has a clear pathway forward from Mid-Century to Next-Century as a desirable and pragmatic approach to housing solutions. This is what Steel Hut's preferred manufacturer has to say about those advancements:

"Quonset huts have continued to improve since their inception. For example, upgrades in building materials, such as advancements in steel production and anti-corrosive coatings, have increased the durability. SteelMaster Quonset huts are also now produced with 100 percent recycled steel, so Quonset huts have become an environmentally friendly choice for buildings. The Navy found many advantages when they used Quonset huts, like flexibility, portability, and durability. SteelMaster took this design from the 1970s, combined the architectural strength of the arch with modern technology, and made structures strong enough to support the heaviest snow loads and able to survive the strongest winds, even a category 4 hurricane!"

modern quonset hut

We think the Hut is perfectly positioned for a renaissance, our planet and our communities deserve responsible housing solutions. The good news is Steel Hut is going to make sure we don't have to compromise on architectural design or style!